We offer high quality inflatables at reasonable prices. We have a great selection of inflatable rides to choose from for your event or party.

Because we set-up and take down the inflatable rides, there is no stress for you!

  • For large events, we will operate the rides.
  • For smaller ones like birthday parties, we will leave you in charge.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We accept cash, checks and credit cards.

We are fully covered with a liability insurance policy. A copy of our insurance binder is available upon request.

An area that is 20’ feet by 20′ is fine for a standard bouncer while other inflatables require more space. The area also needs to be level and free of rocks, sticks and any safety hazards. In ground sprinkler systems should be shut off and not protruding.

We set up the inflatables and take them down. We adhere to all ASTM standards. https://www.astm.org/Standards/F2374.htm

There is a fully enclosed (no moving parts are exposed) blower motor unit that runs the entire time the bounce unit is in use. The blower unit must be located within 100 feet of a GFCI electrical outlet.

If the local weather is calling for rain or winds exceeding manufacture guidelines or 20 mph on your reserved day or if we agree that it may be unsafe to operate, either party may choose postpone to another date.

Our units can be set up inside or outside but we need enough ceiling height to accommodate the unit. Some units are over 17 feet high while our smallest unit requires a 12 foot clearance. The units cannot be near hot lights, vents or any other fire hazard. Please note that the customer is responsible to ensure inflatable will fit. If unit does not fit once we arrive, payment is due in full.

Yes, most of the time pavement is fine for a bounce house. The area must be level and free of obstructions and we must know in advance so that we can bring along a sand bag anchoring system. Slides, however, cannot be set up on pavement as they must be staked into the ground.

No. Our insurance policy requires delivery and set up by us.

Yes. All customers will be required to sign a rental agreement.

  • Remove shoes, jewelry, eyeglasses, hair clips and any sharp or hard objects that may cause injury, prior to entering the inflatable. (Socks are fine for sanitary reasons.)
  • No food, beverages, gum, candy, or silly string inside inflatable.
  • No flips, wrestling, running, pushing, climbing nets or walls.
  • No aggressive behavior or bouncing against the side netting, sides, or entrance of inflatable.
  • Don’t jump off the top of the slide and no holding hands while sliding
  • Jump with kids around your own size
  • No sitting or laying around on the rides
  • If your location has a steep or large hill, there may be an extra charge unless you provide the man power. It is your responsibility to inform us of steep inclines at the time the reservation is made.
  • We will not set up in any location that is not listed on the rental agreement or in any location we deem unsafe for the users, delivery crew and/or equipment.
  • We will not set up at any location where illegal activity is witnessed, whether you are the person conducting the illegal activity.
  • Written approval is required from multi-family complex owners and we must pre approve the location for safety of the equipment, users and delivery crew.
  • The customer must mark all sprinkler lines and call Dig safe if required by law. IFJ, per our rental agreement, is not be liable for damage to underground sprinklers or utility lines.

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