Hello world!

Hi Lyndsey! You can use this page to practice adding and editing “blocks”.

Here are a few tutorials to get you started:

What are blocks?

How to Add a New Block, such as a Paragraph Block

Adding Image Blocks

This is a Header Block

This is a paragraph block. Below I have installed a Gallery Block. You can practice uploading images there (click on Select Images below).

I added a “spacer” block above to create more space on the page (click in the blank area just above this paragraph to activate). Now look over to the right hand column the height is listed as 100 – try changing this to 40 and see what happens. To save changes, hit “Update” at the top of the page to the right. To see how this page looks live, click “preview” and it will open another page so you can view changes made.

Try playing around with these images

click on an image and on the right hand column you will see “caption settings” – this is where you can change the wording for each image.